Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thesis Progress

This is one of my thesis character, Asumatra. It still needs a lot of work, but I thought I'd open the door for suggestions.
"These are my two character's turn around. I posted them in response to Jason Holt's request".

Initial topology pass.

Secondary topology pass.

Final Retouching.


Body Shot.


Chris Nabholz said...

watch the topology on the edge loops from the corner of the mouth to the corners of the eyes. your face is really wide but you can still get those loops much cleaner. do that before you add more data to them.

cool face though.

jason figliozzi. said...

lookin good man.... are you patch modeling? or can i just not see the back or top of the head from this camera angle? texas is goin good..... how you like california?

Jason Holt said...

everything looks pretty clean and well done to me as far as topology. Can you post some other views, like a side and maybe a back 3/4 ? It'd also help if you posted the 2d image planes or concept art just so I can get a feel for the character. Other than that, looks good!

Jason Holt said...

Yea, from looking at the concepts it looks pretty good. One thing I noticed that may bring up some problems is the dip on the top of the head. It kind of gives the character a built in expression on the eyes. If you ever wanted the character to get angry it wouldn't have a huge difference from how the brow is now. So maybe in the default pose bring up that area a bit and have it slightly straighter across. If any of this doesn't make sense just gimme a call or hit me up on gmail hehe.

Cat Musgrove said...

Coooool, Jamil! I'm dying to know how much mobility you'll get in terms of expressions. Do you have any expression sheets?

Also, I'm linking you. :)