Monday, September 24, 2007

Facial Expression

Here's some funny expression I would love to share with you, hope you like it.
I'm going for a painterly style on the character's texture.
Inputs are most welcomed.

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Robb said...

hey Jamilee -
you know, i know you're going for painterly and that is awesome. and I know that I havn't seen and comps you've done with textures and all and props and sets and everyting 2gether. But from just looking at this guy alone, the painterly thing is lost i think. Maybe when he's with you're sets it will come across as more painterly, but right now he looks pretty standard, i think. You got him feeling pretty appealing, but I don't think you're pushing his textures to the places you wanna take them.
Maybe? I'm not knowing. Anyway keep it goin and get better fast