Monday, November 29, 2010

I watched Tangled

Last night I got to watch Rapunzel "Tangled". And while I never go out to watch a movie and come back home later to talk about it on my blog -due to the lack of followers and my fears of being conceived as a pretentious film snob- I feel very strongly about sharing my feelings about this movie. This is my first time doing this so hang with me.

Despite of the couple of notes I had about it the movie was very good, heart warming, engaging and RICH, I enjoyed it a good deal. The movie -in fact let me just call it FILM- the film was a fresh breath and a new start for what once was known for being the birth place of animation as we know it today.
After the many mediocre bland animated movies that came out of the mouse house the past couple of years "Tangled" felt strangely coherent and harmonious, the characters are well developed, the jokes are consciously placed, the animation was very touching and sincere and the renders reminded me of the old MGM technicolor style, I'm not sure this is what they were going for but I enjoyed it.

The music was, well let's talk about that.The music fell short to me, specially the first part of the movie, Rapunzel's songs, flat unmemorable pop culture tunes, it pissed me off.
The music scenes weren't bad but they were nothing like I expected either,what did I expect? I expected more fun and imagination, more sets and mood, I missed the graphical element, everything was taking place on the "real" set of the scene, it wasn't as creative, why? Because for many years we watched musicals done traditionally and when it comes to executing a musical visually I think that 2D is a much flexible, forgiving and imaginative medium, you don't believe me? put any musical part from the "Princess and the Frog" (Not necessarily my favorite but that's the most recent example) next to any musical part in Tangled and you'll see what I'm talking about, flatness haa? and just so I don't come across as a negative Nancy I LOVED the musical part of the mother in the forest the most, that one just worked.

Anyways, all in all the film is well worth the time and the money, yes I wanted Flynn to die cause that would have made me cry but I can imagine what that would have done to the kids in the theater, OH WELL. Congratulations to the team for all the very hard work and the very long hours they put into the making of this film, you guys restored a legacy.

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